Sex by the Numbers by Marie Donovan

HQN Ė Blaze (#403)


ISBN: 9780373794072

Reviewed by Tanya



Keeley Davis is a CPA, but many would be surprised by how she made her money to get through school.  Now she has been hired to find out who is stealing money from a local well-respected investment house.  She hadnít counted on her contact at the firm to be uber sexy business hot shot Dane Weiss.  All of her non-accountant parts quiver for him and it will make this task harder, as she needs to keep her thoughts on her job and off Dane.

Dane canít believe that the plain woman he met at the coffee shop is the same tart who shows up as his assistant.  When he asked her to spice up her wardrobe he never thought she would go this far.

When one thing leads to another and the two become intimate will they be able to keep the affair light or is more than the accounting puzzle drawing them together?  Might there be love in the air?

Sex By The Numbers is an erotic and fast paced look into the world of a prestigious Chicago investment firm as well as upscale strippers, and what they want for a future.  I was definitely entertained by the writings of Ms. Donovan as usual but I do not think Sex By The Numbers was her strongest writing yet.  That being said if you are looking for a fast paced, fun and entertaining read (and smokiní hot) than Sex By The Numbers will nicely fit that bill.


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