Scythe by MK Mancos

Samhain Publishing

Sci-Fi, Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-60504-533-7

Reviewed by Jo



Keely Montgomery is having a normal day working her job at the bar while pursuing a Ph.D. in social work.  A strange guy walks in and he seems to be trying to give her a new job.  Keely does need money to finish her degree and get out of the slums.  But when this guy says he is from the Office of Death and Dismemberment and that the job is to be a Scythe, a heavenly assassin, Keely is sure he is off his rocker and says no to the job offer.  However, He just doesn't take no for an answer as Keely discovers when her trainer shows up.

Detective Josiah Adler is after a guy that he is positive is responsible for deaths.  So far, nothing is giving Josiah enough evidence to make an arrest.  During a night of surveillance Josiah discovers that he really hasn't seen it all quite yet.  He sees a sexy blonde with some type of gold knife over a dead body in an alley and she isn't alone.  Josiah gives chase only to lose them in thin air.  Are the dead bodies really from someone else? 

Josiah and Keely don't have the best first meeting but it does lead to the beginning of what could be a hot and enjoyable relationship.  The only bad thing is that Keely can't tell Josiah anything about what she is doing or why.  When Keely's soft heart just can't deal with the death and the lies, she tells her trainer “I quit.”  Josiah and Keely discover just how well they match and all is well until death comes after them. Keely is unwilling to accept some johnny-come-lately company targeting those she loves or the innocent who should be living.  Keely requests only one thing—that she can tell Josiah everything.  Josiah isn't sure that Keely isn't a bit out there but seeing is believing and her job seems to be mixed up in his case.  Besides, his bulldog, Pugsly, seems to understand and wants to help Keely.  In a classic good guys versus bad guys, can Keely, Josiah and some heavenly help win the day?

Take on a sexy blonde with a golden scythe, one hard-bodied skeptical detective, stir in some shared sci-fi geek knowledge, add one bulldog and you have a humorous and fun-loving couple who met over death.  Scythe kept me chuckling the entire time with characters I would not have been surprised to find next door.  Keely just wants to spend her life helping people and is trying to get to that point in her life.  Josiah is great at his job but can't seem to find a woman who can fulfill his private life.  Murder brought them together and death will keep them busy, as their love grows stronger.  Keely and Josiah just mixed so well that I didn't see anyway they couldn't handle whatever popped up.   I also loved Pugsly, that bulldog took over the show in places.   Scythe is a humorous look at things that go bump in the night and how they love.  A keeper for my humor library.


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