Red Heat by Lynne Connolly

STORM, book 2

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419922435

Reviewed by Jo



Jillian Miller is trying to find her past, well actually she thinks she it trying to find someone else's past.  By checking into the Timothy hotel under her name, she hopes to do something to help the group that saved her life after a major car accident.  The International Research & Development Clinic (IRDC) has asked Jillian to persuade its owner to come in for some simple testing.  However, Jillian is about to discover that things are not what they appear.

Chase Maynord is in the family business as a hotel entrepreneur.  He is also a Talent, a sorcerer to be exact.  Chase has never gotten over the loss of Jillian and when he is informed that she just checked in, he expects it to be another Talent who needs some help.  He is beyond surprised and happy when he realizes that it really is Jillian and she isn't dead.  But something isn't quite right, and Chase is determined to get to the bottom of it so that he and Jillian can get back all that they lost.

Jillian and Chase work together to try and piece together what happened just before and all the time since the car accident.  Was it really an accident to begin with?  As their old passion flares up and becomes something brand new and stronger, Jillian and Chase will need to use all that they have learned about each other to discover just what IRDC really wants.

When an old lover returns from the dead, itís a new beginning, isn't it? Red Heat explores just how bad mind control and manipulation can be.  Jillian believes she is someone else until Chase proves that she didn't die.  Chase is willing to work with STORM to find out what happened, but his main goal is getting Jillian back in his arms forever.  I was once again reminded on how brilliant Ms. Connolly's mind is while following Jillian and Chase's race to find the truth.  Just when I was afraid of heartbreak, I found an even deeper pool of love.  The intrigue kept me going and wondering from start to finish.  And while I can't tell you the hardest part of Jillian and Chase's struggle, I can tell you that it will affect you deeply.  Jillian's strength of character is amazing and Chase's undying support and love supports them.  Red Heat is a must read for any paranormal lover and a serious keeper to be brought out over and over again.


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