Paradise Rules by Beth Kery

Berkley Heat

Contemporary (M/F)

ISBN: 978-0425230121; 0425230120

Reviewed by Sabella



Lana Rodriguez is not a fan of Hawaii, but for her best friend she is willing to suffer through a vacation others would consider paradise.  Once there, Lana sees nothing to change her mind about the commercialized island and its culture.  She harbors secrets about her antipathy toward all things Hawaii, that if they come to light might shatter the image she has created for herself as a famous lounge jazz singer.  However, Lana never contemplated the temptations and complications that Jason “Jace” Koa brought to the picture.

Jace is a well-respected businessman in Hawaii, famous for his charm and Olympic medals.  Once he sets eyes on Lana he is immediately entranced, until he gets a glimpse of her frosty attitude and abrasive personality.  But being the competitive man that he is Jace sets out to seduce Lana and break that frigid demeanor she uses to keep everyone away.  But will breaking Lana’s demeanor, break her as well?

Pull out your fireproof panties ladies – this is one wild ride into the D/s realm. Paradise Rules is hot enough to cause you to self-combust if you don’t keep a cool glass of water near by.  Lana and Jace engage, from the first page, into a contest of wills fought on the sexual battleground, where every inch is costly won and lost.  For the most part, Lana and Jace’s interactions are limited to the power struggle play in the bedroom, to the point that they take over the story and let little else be exposed and a romance to develop.  Also, some of the D/s aspects of their relationship have tinges of lack of consent that I found hard to get past.  However, that said, this novel is extremely well written and a tribute to Beth Kery’s talent as a writer.  Still, at times, I felt like smacking them up side the head to make them see something outside the sexual power struggle, but in the end there was enough of a splash of romance to deliver a shiny romantic ending. Paradise Rules is a book for all those who love bone-meltingly, hot D/s with intriguing undercurrents of power between Lara and Jace. Get Paradise Rules for yourself when you are in the mood for off the charts D/s interaction!


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