On the Ragged Edge of the World by Jamie Craig

Sequel to Calendar Boys October: A Trick of Silver

Amber Allure

Gay Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-60272-542-3

Reviewed by Cassie



Former Argenti agent Darren Sumner is happy with his Alpha werewolf lover, Aden Richter, but all isnít perfect.  Darren still isnít sure where he fits into Adenís pack, whose members all seem to hate him.  Then a former colleague arranges to meet Darren, and warns him that something strange is going down in the werewolf world. 

Aden is in the midst of a delicate balancing act.  Heís never been as attracted to a lover as he is to Darren, and heís continually impressed by the manís resourcefulness, but heís also dealing with Darrenís past as a werewolf-killing Argenti and the packís extreme dislike for the man.  Hearing that an ex-lover who almost got him killed is holding fundraisers all over the city bothers Aden a lot more than he wants to admit.  When he and Darren discover whatís really going on, will they be able to stop it before itís too late?

On the Ragged Edge of the World is an action-packed story.  I recommend reading Trick of Silver first to see how Darren and Aden got together, but the book could probably be read without that (it just wouldnít be as enjoyable).  Former agent Darren is having trouble fitting into his new life, but his fighting skills and cleverness set him in good stead.  I liked the way he was willing to fight for status in the pack, and his dislike of sitting on the sidelines.  Protective, alpha male Aden showed more of his tender side, and more willingness to compromise when necessary.  There are several interesting secondary characters, and the plot (which I wonít spoil here) is full of twists, turns, tension, action, and of course, hot sex scenes.  Despite the violence and fighting, the story concludes on a sweet and satisfying note.  Fans of Jamie Craig, werewolves, or stories with a lot of action will be sure to enjoy On the Ragged Edge of the World.


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