No Surrender by Shannon Stacey

The Devlin Group, book 3

Samhain Publishing

Romantic Suspense

ISBN:  978-1-60504-724-9

Reviewed by Jo



What was supposed to be a simple discovery mission turns into a survival mission when their escape helicopter is sabotaged. Carmen Oliver and John Gallagher are two of the Devlin Group's best, which lets them construct a new plan on the fly that, with the help of the group, allows them to be rescued.  It should be mission accomplished but nothing about this job has gone according to plan.  Now the Group must rescue a kidnapped victim to get the information they need to bring down a cartel. 

On top of the stress of getting in and out of the compound, John and Carmen have to deal with their emotions for each other.  After their last close call, the passion they felt for each other came exploding out, and now they are once again in a dangerous situation where every action could be life or death to the team. Everything is going to plan until the actual rescue is almost completed.  Once again, Carmen and John will have to depend on their skills, experience, the team, and their love, to make it out alive this time.  Saying a few prayers might not be a bad idea either.

Putting your life on the line is a job requirement when you are part of the Devlin Group.  No Surrender focuses on Carmen and John and the feelings they just can't put aside any longer.  Carmen is a cat burglar extraordinaire and can get in and out of places pretty easily.  John is the second in command with the Group and he tries to treat the entire team the same.  I could see that the missions John and Carmen had worked together in the past had given them respect for one other and when you added that to the passion that was between them, I was not at all surprised when they came together. The strength of their characters and love for each other was even more evident at the end and made me love their story even more.  I also enjoyed how tight the team was, and their determination to bring everyone home safely.

No Surrender is an instant favorite with its elements of danger, suspense, outstanding teamwork and most importantly, the love you can't miss.


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