Nighttime Magic by Marilyn Lee

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60521-285-2

Reviewed by Raine



Rescued by strong silent stranger from the clutches of a hit man, Neely feels at total ease with her rescuer. Dimitri is a half-blood vampire. He is somehow drawn to Neely. He had been want to wait until he is much older before he chooses someone for forever. What he does not anticipate is meeting his Blood Lust, someone whom he craves both in emotion and blood. What happens? He fights it with all his being, all the while pretty much driving himself mad. Nighttime Magic is an emotional watching over her when he realized she was being followed. Following her rescue, the attraction between Neely and Dimitri is strong, and after agreeing to one night and no strings, what they end up with is love and lots of drama.

Dimitri comes from a background that makes him roller coaster. One moment Iím rooting for the couple, and then events create quite the opposite feeling. Through all the twists and turns, Nighttime Magic ends well and is an excellent story I am sure you will enjoy also.


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