Nick of Time by TA Chase

Sequel / Related book to Allergies

Amber Allure

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60272-567-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Vampire Gryphon is nearly done for when the humans who are holding him captive toss a dying man into his cell.  The man, Nick, offers his blood to Gryphon in the hope that one of them can escape.  Gryphon takes enough blood to heal himself and teleports them both to safety—or so he thinks.  Another attack on Nick forces Gryphon to take the human to a place sacred to preternaturals (or preters) in hopes of healing him.

Nick doesn’t expect to survive being thrown in with the vampire, let alone the injuries from his second attack.  Then Gryphon takes him to a strange place, and he is transformed in ways neither of them understand.  He also doesn’t understand his sudden, wild need for Gryphon.  With a threat to the whole of preter society, which Nick now seems to be a part of, their relationship is the last of their worries…

Nick of Time picks up where Allergies left off, with a looming threat to the supernatural community.   As with Allergies, readers have to be willing to suspend disbelief, although that book had a more humorous tone than Nick of Time does.  Strong, scarred, protective Gryphon is a typical vampire in many ways.  He’s aloof from other parts of preter society and is mostly concerned with his own kind.  However, he is willing to look at things with an open mind, a good trait considering how many werewolves and others he ends up working closely with.  Nick is smart and adaptable, a trait he needs as a new life is thrust upon him near the beginning of the book.  The attraction between Gryphon and Nick is sudden and hot.  In a paranormal book their abrupt pairing was easier to accept than it would have been in a contemporary, at least for me.  Secondary characters, such as Nick’s werewolf friend, Jess, Gryphon’s vampire friend, Pavel, the Ashton pack (from Allergies), other preters, villains, and more, keep the action flowing.  There is a lot of action in Nick of Time.  Nick and Gryphon must undertake a dangerous journey in an attempt to prevent the destruction of all preters.  While the journey is not at all realistic, it’s fun and interesting.  Readers who can immerse themselves in Chase’s paranormal world will enjoy Nick of Time.  Like Allergies, it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I expect a sequel will either end the overarching conflict or advance it toward a conclusion.


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