My Wicked Marquess by Gaelen Foley

The Inferno Club, Book 1


Historical Romance

ISBN: 9780061733956

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



A member of the infamous Inferno Club, Max, the Marquess of Rotherstone has decided he needs to become respectable.  And in order to do that, he must find a woman with the pedigree and breeding parallel to royalty.  She must be a virgin, of course.  She must have manners, beauty, and an impeccable reputation.  Easy peasy, right? Max thinks so until his eyes land on Daphne Starling – a woman that makes him feel alive, but is unsuitable for what he needs.  Fate has other plans for these two lovers and falling in love is one of them.

I liked My Wicked Marquess. A lot.  What I wasn’t so fond of was Daphne’s inability to reach a decision.  Did she love Max? Did she not? Was she in love with him? Was she not.  That alone was enough to make me want to pull my hair out.  But, through it all Max was a hero I adored.  He was sexy, handsome, and more loyal than anyone ever knew.  He was perfect. 

My Wicked Marquess is not Ms. Foley’s best release, but it isn’t her worse either. The plot was slower moving than I liked, but if I had to rate my enjoyment it would be half enjoyed, half hated. This one book won’t stop me from buying another Gaelen Foley release. I have that much faith in her as a writer.


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