Mastered by Love by Stephanie Laurens

Bastion Club, Book 8


Historical Romance

ISBN: 9780061246371

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Being the leader of the secretive Bastion Club should have prepared Royce Varisey for what he is about to undertake – marriage.  Royce is the tenth Duke of Wolverstone and it is his duty to produce an heir for his lands and his heritage.  There is only one problem.  The women he is introduced to do nothing for him.  Royce thinks they are boring, too young, and insipid and they stir nothing in him.  Now Minerva Chesterton? She stirs his blood like no other. 

Minerva Chesterton is the castle chatelaine of the Duke of Woverstone. Prim and proper on the outside, sultry and sexy on the inside, she knows that her likelihood of becoming Royce’s future duchess is slim.  That doesn’t keep Minerva from falling in love.

Mastered by Love is exactly the story I wished for Royce.  He needed someone that would keep him on his toes and make him think.  He needed someone to keep his attention.  He got that someone in Minerva.  She was an innocent and a siren all rolled into one. Their love was romantic and intense.  Add in a bit of danger and a lot of suspense and Mastered by Love is perfect.


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