Maritime Men by Janey Chapel

Dreamspinner Press

Erotic M/M contemporary


Reviewed by Nannette



Eli Jones and Cooper Fitch partner up as they go through Navy SEALs training together. Air jumps and flash cards canít keep them down; not when they have each other to get them through.  When camaraderie turns to something more personal, Eli and Cooper build a bond that is even stronger than the one theyíve built with their team. 

Maritime Men is one of the best short stories Iíve read in a while. A good storyline does not guarantee a good story. Janey Chapel makes Maritime Men unforgettable with an in depth plot and an amazing relationship. While outwardly, Eli and Cooper seem like best friends and partners, there is a much deeper connection between them; one that is as beautiful as it is fun. The sex is very hot but understated.  The focus of the story is on Eli and Cooperís relationship, getting them off is just a bonus. I fell hard for Eli and Cooper, and while the romantic in me wanted more of a commitment - complete with I love youís, I loved Maritime Men. Iíve got my fingers crossed for more of Eli and Cooper and I look forward to what Chapel comes out with next.


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