Make That Man Mine by Shelley Munro

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419920516

Reviewed by Jo



Emma Montrose works for an investigative agency and has finally obtained her license, but for now, she is still their secretary.  Emma has been asking for a chance to prove herself, but today she is thinking not about being investigator but having a chance to sleep with one.  Today Emma turned twenty-five and for her present she really wants one of her co-workers.  It's never going to happen, but a girl can dream—can't she?

Jack Sullivan is more than a sexy and accomplished investigator, he is also a shapeshifter.  Like the owner and other investigators, Jack is a Taniwha, an aquatic animal that needs lots and lots of sex to help ease his animal.  It’s just Jack's luck that he has been teamed up with a rookie for his next case.  Not just any rookie either, but Emma their secretary, who has never hidden her attraction to him, and they have to go as a couple.  Even worse luck, the full moon is right around the corner and Jack will either need lots and lots of sex so he won't shift or he will become a rather ugly creature for a day.

Their case?  To check out an adult resort that is based on sex. Emma is determined to show Jack that she can be a sexy woman and a pretty good investigator too.  There is something seriously odd going on at the resort and it appears to be focused on Emma and Jack.  Emma seems to be finding out clues and Jack is having to work overtime to track down suspects and keep Emma safe.  The question now is will their cover hold or as the full moon comes closer will the cover become reality?  

When the case is sex, the cover of two investigators gets really hot.  Make That Man Mine gets hot and erotic while Emma finds out dreams really can come true, and Jack learns that you should always look beneath the cover.  Emma just wants one thing for her birthday and her boss just unknowingly gave it to her.  Jack has avoided Emma as much as possible because he knows she wants him and she is just not his type.  The eroticism is quick and heavy and had me rooting for Emma against all the odds.  Even better was when Jack realized that there was much more to Emma than first appeared. Like her extreme sensuality.  I loved Emma and Jack and their adventures and hope that I have the same type of luck with drawings that Emma did.  Make That Man Mine is sexy, erotic and will have you sweating in more than one way.


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