Mad Blood by Stephani Hecht

The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 2

eXtasy Books

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-55487-270-1

Reviewed by Shayna



Since his release from the paranormal prison he was held in for ten years, Pure Blood vampire Dante Toren has yet to find the peace he so longs for.  Leaving his brothers and the rebel Drone clan they now live with, Dante searches for some kind of mental and emotional equilibrium.  When Dante is captured by some sickeningly evil monsters, rescue and redemption come from a most unlikely source.  Brenden is everything Dante never knew he wanted, and the last vampire he should have.  The young, innocent warrior soothes the darkness in Dante, and soon the attraction between the two is too much to resist.  And when the repercussions of Danteís rescue take hold of Brenden, itís up to Dante to protect the male he wants as his mate.

Stephani Hecht ups the stakes in this sexy Drone Vampire Chronicles tale.  Mad Blood is everything I have come to expect from one of Ms. Hechtís books.  Itís action-packed, sensual, and fun with two irresistibly gorgeous heroes I fell madly in love with.  Brenden is sweetness and light wrapped in a lethal, brilliant package.  Heís innocently sensual, which is a fascinating compliment to his military strength and razor-sharp mind; itís easy to see why Dante is so attracted to him.  As for his mate, I was eager to see Dante finally find the peace and happiness he so craved.  The two males made me sigh over their romance even as they raised the heat in the room with the force of their desire for one another.

Fans of Ms. Hechtís Drone Vampire Chronicles will delight in seeing their favorite characters once more in Mad Blood, while new readers will be able to follow along with ease and will surely want to read the previous tales after enjoying this one.  Gripping from beginning to end, Mad Blood is a winning combination of eroticism and heart that left me fully satisfied and eager for the next Drone Vampire Chronicles book.


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