Luke by Cheyenne McCray

Armed and Dangerous, Book 2

St. Martinís

ISBN 978-0312386696

Reviewed by Nannette



Things have changed since Trinity MacKenna left her hometown in Arizona four years ago. Her sister Skyler is happily married to her long time love Zach, and the town has a lot of new faces, one of which is Luke Denver. The town isnít the only thing that has changed though. Trinity has a new attitude and a new appearance, one Luke canít help but notice.  When Luke and Trinity meet, itís lust at first site, but Trinity is determined to continue her life abroad. Luke is determined to have Trinity, but his undercover work may prevent their lust from turning to love. 

Lukeís foundation is firmly set in erotic romance.  From the moment they meet, literally, Luke and Trinityís chemistry explodes off the pages. After that first kiss, the eroticism triples. However, it takes longer for them to commit emotionally. Trinity has a few demons to face and a lot of decisions to make. Lukeís sexy charm makes things a little easier for her, or harder, depending on how you look at it! There is more to Luke than a lot of hot sex though. The suspense and action are high and the ending has an exciting twist. Luke is a much expanded version of a previously published work by Ms. McCray. If you liked that story, youíll love Luke!


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