Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips

The Lucky Series, Book 2



ISBN-13: 9780373773756

Reviewed by Tanya




The Corwin curse continues in Lucky Streak.  Mike, in fact, is the one most likely to completely believe in the curse, look what it has done to his father over the years.  As a youth he couldn’t handle being around him but now that he is older he is more afraid that whatever craziness is in his father will wear off on him. 

Mike decides to marry, on a whim, Amber in Vegas, thinking that he doesn’t love her and therefore he won’t lose his love or fortune to the curse.  But, what happens when he wakes up the morning after winning $100,000 in Vegas?  Well his new “wife” and the money are all gone.  As a cop he is furious that he fell for the con.  To add to the bad news he is due back in Boston the next day so has to postpone looking for Amber after a few enquiries.

But, Amber has a reason that she took the money and hopes that when she returns it that Mike will give them the chance to make the marriage work.  What will happen when she shows up in Boston?

What happens in Vegas definitely does not stay in Vegas in Lucky Streak.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lucky Streak but I have to admit not for the normal reason of loving the hero or heroine I have to say I wanted to see what was going to happen with Edward next.  I have to laugh at anyone who has a pet skunk.

Lucky Streak is a fast paced, fun read with intrigue as well as quirky characters.  I think you will enjoy the time you spend reading Lucky Streak.  While this is book 2 in the Lucky Series it can easily be read as a standalone.


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