Lightning Strikes Twice by Gail Delaney

Desert Breeze Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN:  978-1-936000-06-7

Reviewed by Barb



Isabella McNeil has always loved Luke Mitchell and Luke has always loved Isabella.  They are the best of friends, sharing life’s ups and downs.  There has never been the ‘right time’ to go to the next step in their relationship.  Life decisions are made to bring them closer together, but end up pulling them further apart.

Isabella and Luke had continued on with their lives until one day, when they don’t expect it, they end up face to face with each other.  Will they try to recreate the past?  Does the future hold any happiness for them?

Lightning Strikes Twice is a bittersweet love story.  Both Luke and Bella are well drawn and a bit stubborn.  The situations that the main characters go through are handled with grace even if they are a bit unrealistic.  The romance between Luke and Bella was tenderly handled that stayed with me.  I enjoyed Lightning Strikes Twice and look forward to reading more of the author’s work in the future.


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