Letting in the Light by Fae Sutherland

Amber Allure

Gay Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60272-554-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Rowan Lee is a bit of a modern day hippie.  When his boss sends him to a mysterious house with a delivery from the deli, he is astonished at the rudeness of the recluse who lives inside.  He decides to force the man, author Finnegan Clark, to let a bit of light into his life, first by demanding Finnegan apologize for his rudeness.  Then he takes his plan to the next level by bringing breakfast.

Finnegan Clark is astonished and unsettled by the strange young man who is pushing his way into Finn’s life.  At first, the disruption to his careful routine angers him.  Then he begins to look forward to Rowan’s visits.  Can there be any future for a bitter, older recluse and a sunny, open young man?

Letting in the Light is a story in the vein of Beauty and the Beast.  Rowan is the sweet, young beauty, showing the angry, bitter beast (Finn) that he can reach out and grasp life if he wants to.  I enjoyed the interactions between Rowan and Finn, especially when Rowan’s sunny nature threw Finn into confusion.  While I thought Rowan took a bit too much from Finn, the development of their relationship—quick on the sexual front, slow on the emotional front—was both interesting and realistic for a recluse like Finn.  The disapproval of a secondary character was a bit over the top, and some conflicts were settled a bit too quickly, but for the most part I enjoyed Letting in the Light.


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