Lessons Learned by Katrina Strauss

The Eldritch Legacy, Book Two

Loose Id

BDSM Erotic Historical Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60737-426-8

Reviewed by Amelia




Camielle Rocheford is a novelist during a time when women are supposed to be seen, and not heard.  Undaunted, though, she published her first novel under her own name instead of using a male pen name.  Even though she has modern views about women and their role in the world, she has old-fashioned views about love, and sex.

Camilleís  long-time friend Nicolette Neville is an actress.  One summer, Nicolette invites Camille to travel with her to the estate of a friend.  Camille readily agrees, and then panics when she finds out that she will be staying at the home of Stefan Eldritch, a well-known writer, but also a well-known rake who writes and publishes racy poetry and holds wild parties.

Camille stays, despite her misgivings, and soon falls under Stefanís spell.  During the summer, Camille, Stefan, Nicole and the well-known musician Klauss von Alstyne, explore many pleasures of the flesh. 

Stefan and Camille also team up to write a series of political pamphlets that cause disturbances.  After a bad experience with Nicolette and Klauss, Camille vows to leave, and then Stefan is taken to prison because of the pamphlets.  It is up to Camille to work with The Eldritch Legacy to free her lover from his imprisonment.

Lessons Learned is a magical continuation of the Eldritch Legacy.  Once again Ms. Strauss pulled me into a magical world where the sex is hot and the love is passionate and realistic.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ms. Strauss wove in components from the first novel, Secrets Revealed.   I highly recommend the Eldritch novels for readers who have not yet discovered them.  I eagerly await the third offering in the series.  Lessons Learned contains BDSM themed sex, and M/F/F/M pairings.


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