Lack of Control by A.R.Moler

Seeking the Balance, Book 2

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Paranormal

Reviewed by Nannette



Navy fighter pilot Lt. Cameron Bradshaw is worried that his lover, Dr. Mason Flynn, is hiding an illness from him. Cam cannot bear the thought of losing Mason to cancer, or anything else. When they go on a mission together, Mason loses control of his psychic healing ability and Cam may be forced, once again, to face life without his lover.

Because heís a Navy pilot, Cam hides his relationship with Mason. Being gay in the Navy doesnít fly (no pun intended). Mason also has a lot on his plate in Lack of Control. Heís trying to control his healing abilities and understand Camís need for secrecy. The Seeking the Balance stories are equal parts Cam and Masonís relationship and psychic adventures. Iím enjoying Cam and Mason immensely and looking forward to book three.


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