Josh Lanyon Collective Novellas Vol. 2 by Josh Lanyon

MLR Press

Erotic M/M Anthology

ISBN 978-1-60820-052-8

Reviewed by Nannette



"In A Dark Wood"

When Tim was a kid, he and some friends got lost in the woods and stumbled upon a dilapidated house. Many years later, Tim tells the tale at a friend’s dinner party, spurring a camping trip with one of the guests. Detective Luke O'Brien is eager to get Tim alone and see the spooky house. It’s a camping trip they’ll never forget.

"In A Dark Wood" is one of Josh Lanyon’s scarier suspense stories. Luke is an all around great guy and my heart went out to Tim. I was happy to see how things ended with them. Before I got to the happy ending I was sitting on the edge of my seat, wide eyed with anticipation. The suspense was killing me! "In A Dark Wood" is a spooky, suspenseful story that is as scary as it is erotic and romantic.


“I Spy Something Bloody”

When British spy Mark Hardwicke is injured on the job, he calls Stephen Thorpe for help. Mark and Stephen were lovers, but Mark’s job keeps getting in the way. Mark is thinking of settling down, but it seems that Stephen has moved on. While Mark and Stephan sort through their feelings, Mark’s job gets in the way again, except this time, it threatens their lives.

“I Spy Something Bloody” is an angst filled romance shrouded in suspense and action. The superb writing, engaging storyline, and in depth characterization kept me glued to each page. Mark leads a very interesting life. It’s dangerous and exciting, yet lonely. Stephen is wonderful. He’s intelligent, and strong in body and mind.


“A Limited Engagement”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Adam wants his boyfriend Ross to know how he feels about him before Ross leaves. He goes about it in a very drastic way. Will Ross appreciate the gesture, or call the cops and have Adam arrested?

Josh Lanyon can take an eighteen page story and make it seem like a novel“A Limited Engagement” is intense, passionate, sexy, and full of angst. The storyline is surprisingly deep for such a short story. Adam’s longing for Ross and his desperate attempt to hold on to him is risky and romantic. Ross’s reaction is understandable. Waiting for his response kept me on edge until the end.


“Dark Horse”

LAPD detective Daniel Moran was Sean Fairchild’s bodyguard when Sean was being stalked by Paul Hammond. Now, Dan and Sean are boyfriends and Hammond is dead, or is he? Sean is getting postcards again, just like the ones Hammond used to send. If Hammond isn’t sending them, who is? As the plot thickens, the danger grows. Who can Sean trust when he isn’t even sure he can trust himself?

“Dark Horse” is a complex story. First there is Sean’s past and his insecurities that constantly rear their ugly heads. Then there is Dan, his alpha-male boyfriend, who is sometimes dismissive and callused, but really hiding his true feelings for Sean. There were times I wanted to hate Dan, but I found myself loving him (as much as I love Sean), instead. There’s also Sean’s relationship with his manager, his relationship with Dan, and an intriguing mystery. The angst-filled ending nearly did me in.  Josh Lanyon put me through the ringer with “Dark Horse” and I loved every minute of it.


“Ghost of a Chance”

Rhys Davies is a history professor moonlighting as a paranormal investigator. He’s spending the weekend at his friend Oliver’s house so he can investigate the Berkeley House and the ghost that supposedly lives there. Rhys thinks he’ll be alone all weekend, so it’s a huge surprise when Sam Devlin, Oliver’s nephew, is already at the house. Sam is a cop. He’s suspicious by nature and doesn’t believe in ghosts. Somehow, Rhys has to do his research while dealing with his feelings for Sam. If he can just figure out what that shadow is in the middle of the road he’ll be alright.

Ghosts, a sexy cop, a spooky cellar, and a little sex and undeniable attraction fill the pages of “Ghost of a Chance.”  While it’s obvious that there is chemistry between Rhys and Sam, Sam’s overbearing and overprotective nature keeps getting in the way, causing Rhys to do things Sam might not like. Sam is very endearing. I liked him a lot. He’s sweet and tough and all muscles, but not very fair of face. He deserves what he gets in the end.

Josh Lanyon’s men never lay all their cards on the table. There is always something elusive and mysterious about them that keeps you guessing. From 'is he still interested?' in “I Spy Something Bloody” to 'is he the bad guy?' in “Dark Horse”, I’m always wondering: what’s he thinking, what’s he feeling, and then, where is Josh going with this?? Josh Lanyon’s literary juggling is impressive.  He develops angst between his characters and describes sex scenes in achingly hot detail while maintaining a high level of suspense.  Josh Lanyon Collective Novellas Vol. 2 is an impressive array of stories that feed your imagination and your heart.


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