Impacted! by Mickie B. Ashling

Dreamspinner Press


ISBN:  978-1-61581-024-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Periodontal surgeon Dr. Scott Gregory is on his way to San Francisco, and a position in a dental practice, when he stops at a San Ramon BDSM club.  There he meets Red the bartender, a sexy Dominant who is exactly what Scott needs.  He wants to see the man again, but Red is leaving town.  Scott puts the whole incident behind him and starts work.  He has to go back into the closet to work for his homophobic boss, which he thinks won’t be a problem.  Then he meets the new hygienist—Red!

Robin “Red” Kennedy isn’t sure agreeing to work for a homophobic dentist is a good idea, but the position is too good to pass up.  He’s shocked to find out his sexy one-night submissive is the other dentist in the practice.  Despite the risk of discovery, Robin and Scott begin an affair.  Will their secret life as a Dom and sub be discovered?

Impacted! is a book that was enjoyable, but never quite reached the level I hoped it would.  Both Scott and Robin are likeable characters.  Scott’s outer success covers up a deep insecurity.  Robin’s confidence and dominance hides a core of caring.  The emotion in their relationship was sweet, and the scenes between them were hot.  Secondary characters like Robin’s mom and Scott’s friend Susie are interesting and fun to read about.  My problem with Impacted! was with the plot.  Scott’s behavior often came across as waffling.  The other dentist in the practice and his family were homophobic to the level of caricature.  Toward the end, the plot was a bit on the melodramatic side, with revelations that were both surprising and a bit over the top.  Still, readers who like BDSM and drama will be sure to find something to like in Impacted!


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