Hotshot by Catherine Mann

Dark Ops, Book 2

Berkley Sensation

Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9780425228333

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Shay Basset is in danger.  A crisis counselor, she is trying to present a bill before Congress that will get rid of gang activity where she lives.  Because of this, her life is being threatened.  Shay refuses to give in to her fears, however, because she, more so than the members of Congress, knows exactly what it means to be a youth in trouble – she used to be one.  When former lover, Vince Deluca, shows up, Shay has no idea what he is doing there – which is a good thing since he was sent by her important father to find out if Shay is betraying her country.

I didn’t like how Vince’s mission made me feel. I felt like Shay was being betrayed by her father as well as Vince. Vince is a top ‘hotshot’ pilot and because of this, I felt he had an advantage over Shay.  The only thing Shay was guilty of, in my opinion, was having a heart too big and wanting to help new people.  Hotshot is chock full of action, espionage, and lust inducing scenarios.  The sexual attraction between Vince and Shay is explosive.  Both characters were loyal and I really liked Shay.  She was strong, intelligent, and learned from her mistakes.  Vince is sexy, smart, and a true warrior. 

Hotshot, the second installment of Catherine Mann’s Dark Ops series, is worthy of any keeper shelf.  I am anxious and waiting with bated breath to find out what happens next in this outstanding military romance series!


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