Her Boyfriendís Boyfriend by Cheryl Dragon

Loose Id

Contemporary Menage

ISBN:  978-1-59632-935-5

Reviewed by Willow



Cassie loves Neil. Heís not after her fatherís money so she doesnít have to worry about that. Neil is successful and wealthy in his own right. Theyíve been together for four months and Cassie feels that something is off. But really has no idea what it could be. Maybe Neilís best friend can help. Lou is gay so heíll be safe to talk to about Neil and sex.

Lou likes Cassie more than just a little. He wants Neil and Cassie to be happy but he wants the truth out for all of them. When Neil comes home unexpectedly, Lou knows itís time to tell but Neil has to be the one to do it. Thatís when Neil tells Cassie itís okay to want Lou. They share women and they both want her. Cassie surprises them both by being okay with that. 

Neil had hidden his relationship with Lou for the reputation of his business. The relationship just didnít fit the image he wanted. Now that his secret is out, Neil has to decide which is more important to himóhis business or Cassie and Lou. And to complicate matters, Lou has a secret of his own. The threesome has to deal with some very strong emotions to make their new relationship work.

Her Boyfriendís Boyfriend is chock full of hot sex. The best part for me is the interaction between the characters. I love the way Cassie makes her men realize that they have to accept what the other is feeling. Cassie, Neil and Lou work. Their relationship is complicated but it works. Neil and Lou are great but Cassie keeps them both on their toes. I havenít been disappointed by anything Iíve read by Cheryl Dragon so far. And I still havenít.


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