Game for Anything by Bella Andre

The Bad Boys of Football


Contemporary Sports

ISBN: 9781416558415

Reviewed by Tanya



Ty Calhoun appears to have it all.  He scored the winning touchdown in the last Super Bowl, has money, a fancy house and apparently all the women he wants.  Well that is all but the one that has stuck in his head since high school graduation night that is.  Now suddenly the teams’ new owner is playing games and wants Ty to suddenly clean up his “act” and is going to hire an Image Consultant to help him do that.  He is against it, completely, until he finds out it is Julie Spencer, the woman from his past.

Julie Spencer has hated “jocks” since she lost her heart and virginity to Ty on graduation night.  He is still the man she thinks about when she is alone but will have nothing to do with him or any sports figures.  She knows she isn’t likely to ever be over him or forget the morning after graduation night.  But, she also needs the financial package that Ty’s team owners are proposing, for her to rework his image.  So she sets out to take on Ty and play with the upper hand.  But, has someone forgotten to tell her libido and heart what the rules of the game are?

Will they be able to work together and change Ty’s image or will their chemistry make for more tabloid fodder?  With Julie’fs company and Ty’s career in the balance they need to play smart though.

Game for Anything is a spicy romance with a little sports on the side.  I love how Ms. Andre is able to pull the reader into the story and then just let little pieces of the past further develop the characters and how they interact with everyone.  I enjoyed this football based “be careful what you wish for” romance.  If you are a fan of Ms. Andre’s writing or even of sport based contemporary romances (who can resist the buff guys) then you will want to pick up Game for Anything.


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