Everything Nice by Mari Carr

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Menage/Contemporary

ISBN:  9781419921476

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Allie, Alex, and Charlie are friends.  For years the two men and Allie have done everything together and on one such occasion, a camping trip, Allie finds out that Alex wants Charlie and not just as his friend.  Unsure of their feelings for her, Allie leaves town and stays gone for six years.  When Allie finally comes home after the death of her benefactor, she finds herself once more desiring both Alex and Charlie.  The question is do the men desire each other just as much because Allie refuses to choose between them.

Everything Nice was one of the most realistic erotic ménages I have ever read.   Everything was not nice in this story, it was truthful and real.  Alex desired Allie and Charlie.  Allie desired Alex and Charlie.  Charlie desired Allie but was almost afraid of the feelings he felt for Alex.  The fact that he desired his friend scared Charlie and it took a lot of loving and convincing for him to believe in himself and his two lovers.  I thought Everything Nice was outstanding.


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