Every Good Thing by M. Jules Aedin

MLR Press

Gay Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-60820-087-0

Reviewed by Cassie



Arieh Sef’ea, a sheltered, religious young man, is horrified to be taken by soldiers and sold into slavery to pay his parents’ taxes.  As one of the Riine, a small, very religious ethnic group, Arieh was raised to see other cultures as unclean.  Angry, confused, and terrified, he awaits the slave auction.

Enitan Viden is a high-ranking kentari, or soldier, stationed at the slave market.  While mediating a dispute between slavers, Enitan notices Arieh.  Since he’d been looking for a pais, or mate, for some time, he decides to buy Arieh.  He knows winning the heart of a Riinean will be difficult, if not impossible.  Will Enitan succeed in winning Arieh’s love, despite the forces against them?

Every Good Thing is a lovely, emotional tale.  M. Jules Aedin did an excellent job of creating interesting, likeable characters.  I loved sweet, hesitant Arieh and strong, hopeful Enitan.  There are many secondary characters, such as servants and slaves in Enitan’s house, other kentari, and many more.  Each character managed to have a personality despite the sheer number of them.  The plot is compelling and multi-layered, with the sweet, slow-paced romance between Enitan and Arieh, and several subplots involving other characters.  All the plots converge in the end, although there were enough loose ends left with one of the important subplots that I suspect a sequel / related book is in the works.  The best part of Every Good Thing, in my opinion, was the way Enitan and Arieh’s relationship developed.  Arieh’s upbringing made it difficult for him to accept Enitan’s love, and the slow steps they took were sweeter, and hotter, than many full-on love scenes I’ve read in other books.


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