Endicott Rex by Lee Benoit

Dragonwalker 2

Torquere Press

Erotic Paranormal M/M

ISBN 978-1-60370-797-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Endicott Thorne is the town of Endicott’s official Dragon Wrangler. As if dogs who fly and breathe fire aren’t unpredictable enough, Endi has a mystery on his hands. A reporter is sniffing around causing trouble for the dragon dogs along with Endi and the Chief’s relationship. When the dragon dogs start disappearing, Endi may be on his own trying to save them.

Endi and Chief’s May/December romance is sexy. Their twenty-five year age difference should have made them incompatible, but it doesn’t. They’ve known each other a long time. They are also very sexually compatible. While the BDSM in their relationship is mostly spoken of rather than acted out (so far) with the exception of one delicious spanking, Chief’s dirty talk is very kinky.  Endicott Rex is fun, creative, and even exciting. It’s liberally laced with witty humor as well as romance, sex, and suspense.  Endicott Rex picks up where Dragonwalker from the Another Fine Mess anthology leaves off.  I hope to read more about Endi and the Chief and the charming dragon dogs of Endicott.


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