Donít Spank the Vamp by C.J. England

The Donít Series, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-383-8

Reviewed by Jo



Dawn Birmingham is an artist celebrating her birthday with a couple of friends by visiting an adult toy store.  At first, Dawn is not thrilled about the place her friends have brought her to, but once they go into the store Dawn is beyond embarrassed and shown many toys that she would have never dreamed existed.   When one of the storeís co-owners learns that is it Dawnís birthday, she gives Dawn a tarot reading.  During the reading, Dawn is told many things about her future, including that she will be given the chance to find her soul mate. 

Aidan is a co-owner of the store and the brother of the other co-owner.  He is also a kinky vampire who has been on the search for his soul mate for a very long time.  He wakes up when Dawn and her friends enter his store and immediately knows that he must meet Dawn.  Aidan is positive that she is the soul mate he has been searching for.  He arranges for the trio of friends to come back later that night for a party.  Dawn and Aidan start a journey of adventurous sex play that night which leads to the beginning of a relationship.  The only problem is that Dawn has no idea that Aidan is a vampire and the decision he makes that night will come back to bite him much later.

Donít Spank the Vamp starts out very fun loving with a visit to an adult toy store and goes directly into sexual adventures that Dawn and Aidan have in toy land.  Watching as Dawn learns about how couples can play together with the toys (and a bit of bdsm) with Aidan was entertaining reading.  I also enjoyed watching as Dawn worked at becoming the well-known artist she wanted to be.  This being said, I had a problem with the length and amount of mind persuasion Aidan used over Dawn.  In my mind, a hero just does not take away the free will of a person in order to develop a relationship without their knowledge or consent.  I felt that this was not resolved well by the end of the story.  However, this is not the first book I have read from Ms. England, and it wonít be the last.   For the most part, I have truly enjoyed her other books and look forward to my next book from her.


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