Demon Dreamer by Vivi Anna

Captive Souls

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-587-0

Reviewed by Jo



Kiara Brodie was born a seer and she lived and worked in the caravan her entire life.  Because of her mark, she is both revered and mistrusted.  Kiara never knew her father, but when she received a letter from him asking her to come to his home after his death, Kiara knows it has to have something to do with her erotic dreams of a demon.  An Irish Gypsy, Kiara is not going to miss this adventure and leaves her home to find her inheritance and future.

Malvo has been imprisoned for hundreds of years in the library.  He knows it was his own fault that he and two others were trapped in the house by his curse.  Malvo can have anything his magic can conjure but his freedom.  Lately, something has been reaching out to him from the outside.  The day Malvo first sees Kiara, he knows that she will be the key to his release. 

Kiara and Malvo collide in an erotic meeting from the very beginning.  But sex and food can only get you so far.  Both want to discover the way to break the curse, but it seems to be a continuing mystery.  Kiara is a joyful spirit, one that Malvo knows he canít let be dimmed by captivity.  Can he find a way to release Kiara from the library or will his greed for her change his mind and keep her with him forever?

Captured in a house by a curse, doomed to live a solitary life.  Demon Dreamer brings an adventurous Kiara to a new home and country and a demon lover.  Malvo has no idea what brought Kiara to him, but he is in no hurry to let her go.  Kiara is pulled to Malvo but she canít imagine spending the rest of her life in a realm just outside that of her own.  The erotic passion between Kiara and Malvo had me wondering if anything could pull them apart.  But at the same time, I could see where Kiara would begin to lose that eagerness for life if she had to live like Malvo did.  Malvoís actions proved that anyone could fall under the selflessness that love makes you feel for the one you love.  Demon Dreamer is an erotic and seductive story of fated love.

I will be watching for the other two stories of Kiaraís half sisterís and the other imprisoned characters that appear in Demon Dreamer.


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