Defiled by Evangeline Anderson

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 9781419923760

Reviewed by Nannette



Every millennium, the youngest and most innocent angel in Heaven is sacrificed to the most evil demon in Hell to maintain the balance between Heaven and Hell. Because Elandra is very different from other angels, she is chosen as the sacrifice. Raziel knows he must defile the angel in order to appease his father Osgiloth, but Raziel is not a typical demon. Raziel does not want to defile his captive. He wants to please her instead.  Raziel’s unheard of affection for Elandra may cost them their lives.

Hell is over-run with lust and pain and Heaven is void of it in Defiled. The storyline is excellent, but its execution lacks depth and feels mechanical, mainly because sex is the main focus of the story. Raziel thinking Hell is too hot, and Elandra being the only female angel with female attributes are comical. While Elandra's naiveté is endearing, she also borders on oblivious at times. Elandra and Raziel are completely out of place in their realms and Gabriel and Osgiloth are both merciless. Defiled had a lot of potential. I was hoping for more from it than a mostly sexual story.


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