Darkness Burning by Delilah Devlin

Dark Realm Series, Book 3

HarperCollins Avon Red

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN-10: 0061498203
ISBN-13: 9780061498206

Reviewed by Indy




A journalist in a cesspool of terror and disorder, i.e. New Orleans, Mikaela Jones is a woman with the desire to share the story of the city post the storm that nearly destroyed it. She knows there are monsters roaming the night, not all of them human and she’s intent on finding all she can about what is happening during the wee hours of the night when most people have locked themselves away from the evil that roams the streets.

Only her nightmares prepared Miki for the entrance of Alex Broussard, a Born male vampire in a world ruled by a matriarchal regime. What most consider an abomination, Alex is set to finally bring the council of Born female vampires to their knees but his plans didn’t include the female human whose innocence beckons him as their shared desires threaten to burn them alive.

In true form, Darkness Burning highlights yet again why Delilah Devlin is known for her ardent vampire tales of lust, love and sinister delights. Telling the story of Alex Broussard, a male Born vampire cloaked for centuries from those who would see him obliterated and his quest to put an end to those who threaten him, his family and his unborn child. Miakaela “Miki” Jones was an enigma with some clarity about her past coming out towards the end even though I have some underlying questions that needed answering.

I will admit to being a newcomer of the Dark Realm series, which I admit affected my ability to really enjoy the story to the fullest. There were a lot of background issues, past relationships, connections and just overall esthetics to this world of vampires, were and demons I feel I may have lost not having read the previous two books. Sometimes I felt puzzled while reading, as if I really needed to know what lead up to the culmination where Alex was finally ready to shut down the leader of the vampire society that had ruined many lives in the past.

With that said, what I loved about this story, is the sexual chemistry between Alex and Miki. These two had me drooling and grinning each and every time they came together. Throw in the other ardent trysts shared by the two and other partners and you have a story that will definitely leave you panting with excitement. Darkness Burning provided lots of intrigue, suspense and edge of violence that helped make it a good story to read. I just really recommend you read the others books if you want to come away with true satisfaction.


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