Dangerous as Sin by Alix Rickloff


Historical/Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1420104530

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Completely in love, Morgan Bligh is unable to tell a soul.  Joyous to the point that she can barely restrain herself from giving her secret away, she is content to love Cameron Sinclair from afar.  Until she hears the unthinkable – Cameron is married and did not tell her.  Shamed, hurt, and angry, Morgan escapes through the garden never telling Cameron what she overheard.  Her inner wolf has been betrayed and it is going to be a long time before Morgan is able to trust another person ever again.

Widower Cameron Sinclair has been half of the year inebriated.  His wife’s death was a relief of enormous proportions and Cameron feels as if he has finally been let out of prison after a lifetime behind bars.  When his best friend arrives from London, Cameron has to sober up because he is needed – he is to be partnered with another agent to search for men who are mysteriously disappearing from the army.  His partner? None other than the woman that holds his heart in the palm of her hand as well as the woman that left him more than six months earlier – Morgan Bligh.  And she doesn’t seem very happy to see him either.

Dangerous As Sin will capture your attention from page one.  Morgan’s heart is completely shattered when she finds out that Cameron has a wife.  Her pain is real and I felt as if I was the one being betrayed.  Because of this, Cameron’s name was mud for most of this book.  However, his innate sexiness, goodness, and charm easily turned my head and my fickle heart forgave him. He needed just one more chance to prove to Morgan that he truthfully and without a doubt loved her – he also needed time to explain.  Thank goodness she loved him as much as he loved her. 

Alix Rickloff has penned a magical novel with Dangerous As Sin.  It is gripping and emotional with wondrous elements of fascination, mysticism, and passion.  Dangerous As Sin released in July and I am anxious to read more from Ms. Rickloff.  I was simply captivated!


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