Damn Gorgeous by Jaye Valentine

Noble Romance

Erotic M/M Paranormal

ISBN 978-1-60592-045-0

Reviewed by Nannette



When Spencer Patterson was a child, he was devastated to find that vampires and werewolves werenít real. Years later, Spencer is in Fall River, Massachusetts researching the Lizzie Borden house for the supernatural tabloid magazine he works for. While there, heís staying at Virgil Sladeís bed and breakfast. Virgil is very attractive and clearly interested in Spencer, but heís hiding something that will either scare Spencer off or make him a very happy man.

Damn Gorgeous is a damn good story. Besides the incredibly hot and sexy Virgil, Damn Gorgeous has a very creative, entertaining, and well written storyline with many interesting characters. Virgil and Spencer appear to be average guys getting to know each other except that Virgil is anything but average. Virgilís secret is very cool. It makes Damn Gorgeous unique in a sea of paranormal stories. I wasnít expecting it, which is usually what happens when I read a Jaye Valentine book and why I love reading them.  Damn Gorgeous has a good ending, but I really like Virgil and Spencer and I want to see what happens next!


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