Cold Warriors by Clare Dargin

Aspen Mountain Press

Science Fiction/Futuristic romance

ISBN: 978-1-60168-050-1

Reviewed by Nellie



Caitlin Driskoll has woken to a new world after being in a cryogenic stasis mode. Everything has changed and adjusting to a new world or rather spaceship in which she is treated as a subhuman and a second-class citizen is a tad bit overwhelming. No family, no rights and being recruited to play soldier is not the most ideal situations. Resigned to her situation, Colonel Medora Keegan comes along and starts making Caitlin dream the impossible. Colonel Medoro Keegan has dedicated his whole life for the Corps. He has been in the army too long and he expects his commands to be followed with precision and without arguments. But Caitlin Driskoll has no notion of rank and order within the military. She is argumentative, questions his commands and very undisciplined. To Keegan, it was a revelation of what he is missing in his life. But slowly he sees Caitlin being reduced to being just a number and her fighting spirit and warmth being slowly striped away by the system he upholds to be replaced with a robotic soldier. Keegan is caught by two loves, the Corps and the new love, which is forbidden and frowned upon, Caitlin a cryo. Was their relationship doomed from the start as their situation becomes critical, because Caitlin is being sent on a mission in which she is supposed to die?

Cold Warriors had too many characters for me to keep up with their roles.  I felt the romance was an afterthought in this story, which was mainly focusing on what the world in space is going to be like. I want to relax when I read a romance novel but in this story I was concentrating more in trying to grasp the many technical jargons and I felt this overshadowed the romance of the two lovers. I also felt the two main characters did not have much interaction because there was so much background stuff happening.


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