Cassandra's Chateau by Fredrica Alleyn

Black Lace


ISBN: 9780352345233

Reviewed by Tanya




In modern day France, Cassandra has been living with the Baron for more than 18 months.  She might even have the record for the length of time she has been with the Baron.  She is happy with her life but can see that something is just not as exciting for the Baron anymore.  Then Nicola comes to live with them for the summer.  The Baron is to introduce her to the pleasures of sex and he plans to have Cassandra assist in this training/introduction.  Cassandra is concerned as this is how she came to live with the Baron 18 months ago, and then she replaced his current companion.

Cassandra’s Chateau is a story long on erotic scenes that test the boundaries; its shortcomings are in the non-erotic parts of the story. I do think that the fact that Cassandra is to train her successor is also interesting, especially as she is not ready to leave, as she had developed a love for the one man who has told her she shouldn’t.  Cassandra’s Chateau was an interesting read but doesn’t make it into my top ten Black Lace titles.

Note: This book is seriously not for the under 18 crowd.


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