Callieís Shadow by Wendy Stone

Noble Romance Publishing

Paranormal Suspense

Reviewed by Jo



Callie Wolfe is a supernatural crime fighter who loves her jobóone she had to fight for and one she is very good at.  Part of that was because her father began the agency and he didnít really want her working there so Callie has had to prove herself to her team.  That is long over though. Now Callie would just love to fight for the man who makes her shiveróher boss, Shadow.

Shadow leads the team that Callie is on and itís a tight team of crime-fighting paranormals who get results and captures the bad guys.  Shadow has been fighting his attraction to Callie ever since she joined his team, but besides that, she is also the founderís daughter.  But one night danger comes too close to Callie and it throws Shadow for a loop, one that brings all the longings to the surface for both of them.

The team has a new mission and it has been discovered to be very personal to a couple of the team members.  Amongst the evolving danger, a night of passion is destroyed by misunderstandings.  Passion and danger can be a volatile mixture when you throw deceit into the mix.  Can Shadow keep his team safe while discovering if he and Callie can have a chance to explore their feelings to see if itís the forever love it sure feels like?

When a werewolf shapeshifter is hunting for a love that can disappear at will, shadows can bring warmth and light.  Callieís Shadow is an insight to a world where all types of paranormals fight together to police their races for the good of all. Callie knows that her future links with her bossí, even when she has to battle down walls wrongly put up.  Shadow wants Callie with everything he has, he dreams of her calling out his real name in passion but she is the founderís daughter.  I loved Callieís spunk and determination to have Shadow, even when he fought against her.  Shadow and Callieís reactions to outside interference showed me without a doubt that they not only belonged together but also had to come out on the winning side.  When the entire team was faced with danger, Shadow and Callie came together to fight for everyoneís future. To my joy, I discovered that there were two romances and happy endings in one fun book.  Callieís Shadow is where two determined people grab love with both hands and wonít let go until itís theirs.  A great paranormal book that will be a welcome addition to your library. 


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