Burn by Linda Howard

Ballantine books


ISBN 978-0-345-48656-1

Reviewed by Nannette



Winning the lottery changed Jenner Redwine’s life forever. She learned quickly that money doesn’t buy happiness. Seven years later, Jenner has a new life that she’s still trying to fit into. When she and her new friend, Heiress Sydney Hazlett, embark on a charity cruise, Jenner isn’t expecting much more than dinners and dancing and spending lots of money for a good cause. What she gets is kidnapped by Cael Traylor and his team and thrust into danger while she tries to keep herself and Syd alive as a madman plots to make this the last cruise Jenner and everyone else on the ship takes. 

Jenner and Cael’s romance is as tumultuous as the sea they are sailing on in Burn.  While they don’t seem very compatible at first, they quickly become a good match. Jenner gives as good as she gets. The best part of Burn is the witty banter between Cael and Jenner. Their constant arguing becomes endearing and fun.  Burn is a good story, but not riveting. The plot becomes a bit predictable.  I couldn’t help feeling cheated at the end as well. I wanted more detail regarding Cael and Jenner’s new-found relationship and I felt as though the back story on several other characters was missing.  While not one of my favorite Linda Howard novels, Burn is an easy and entertaining read.


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