Bring The Heat by M.L. Rhodes

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure


ISBN: 978-1-60272-533-1

Reviewed by Jo



Riley Ellison is a police detective now but he still has the mental image of himself as a shy and geeky high schooler.  Which is why he goes out of his way to a coffee shop so that he can meet eyes with a sexy and handsome guy. Riley knows he will probably never let himself go up and chat with the guy.  Imagine his surprise one morning, when not only is his coffee waiting for him, but the sexy guy paid it for and the cup has his name and number on it.  Can Riley find it in himself to call him up?

Dane Scott wants to get to know the mystery man that just eyes and smiles at him.  In order to push things along, Dane has made the first move and now he waits for his phone to ring.  A knock at the door brings him face to face with Riley—too bad it’s because he is investigating a murder outside the gay strip club that Dane works in. 

Weeks of wondering, speculating and building passion make that evening into one neither Dane nor Riley will forget anytime soon.  The morning sun brings doubts to Riley, like why would a guy like Dane want anything to do with someone like him?  Dane only wants more time with Riley to prove just how he feels, but a twist in the case makes is so that they can’t even see each other alone much less do anything else.  Catching a killer is Riley’s job, but capturing and holding Dane is quickly becoming his passion.  When the case is solved, can Riley and Dane discover the way back to their night of discovering love and maybe the future they both imagine?

When the guy you want turns out to be a suspect, things can get sticky.  In Bring The Heat Riley wants to introduce himself to the sexy man at the coffee shop but can’t force himself to.  Dane is pretty sure his mystery man is some type of officer out to get him to talk.  Riley and Dane have different backgrounds and different personal histories that should have never allowed them to become a couple.  But I have always known that you can never judge a book by its cover.  Riley almost did that and I was very happy when Dane decided to show Riley just how wrong he was.  Riley and Dane together were hot and sexy, yet sweet and unsure in just how to go forward.  I could understand why Riley had to put his job first, but I was so worried that Riley and Dane would never find their happy ending.  I was so happy to discover I was wrong and was taken back to my earlier thought of books and covers.  Bring The Heat brings opposites together, sweetly and erotically; to an ending that will make it an instant favorite in your library.


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