Blue Bike Blues by A.R. Moler

Seeking the Balance, Book 1

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M contemporary

Reviewed by Nannette



Navy fighter pilot Lt. Cameron Bradshaw and his lover Dr. Mason Flynn do not see eye to eye on Camís new motorcycle. Cam loves it, but Mason is angry that Cam would get another bike after an accident on the last one almost killed him. If it werenít for Masonís psychic healing ability, Cam probably would have died. Cam is no stranger to psychic ability; he has some himself. Cam always knows how to find his lover, but after their fight, can he find his way back into Masonís arms? 

Cam and Mason are first introduced in the Hell Dogs Squadron Chaser series. Although you donít have to read them first, I would. Youíll get the back story that I missed. Even without reading the previous books, I really enjoyed Cam and Mason. Theyíre great together. Their relationship is sometimes tumultuous, but itís mature, fun, and out of the ordinary. When the story focuses on Cam and Mason, theyíre just regular guys trying to make things work between them, but then thereís the flip side where itís all about psychic abilities and bad guys. Blue Bike Blues is a well written story with a cool concept.


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