Beautiful Boys by Anne Cain

Loose Id

GLBT Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-995-9

Reviewed by Cassie



Dean’s cheating former lover tries to buy out Dean’s share of a vacation they planned together, but Dean refuses to let him.  Then the man strands him on what he thinks is a deserted island.  At first he’s angry, but then he meets Nico…

Neil is extremely superstitious and unlucky.  He tries to hide his upcoming birthday from his coworkers, but they find out and throw him a party, complete with a male stripper.  To Neil’s horror, the clumsy stripper breaks a mirror.  But the young man, the aptly named Jinx, is very attractive despite his clumsiness…

Jinx’s friend Nathan has been lusting after his straight roommate, Gage, for a while now.  When Gage complains that he’s going to fail a class, Nathan gets the bright idea of stealing the answer key to the test.  Will they end up getting more than just the right answers?

Andy and Luke are both graphic designers at an ad agency.  They’re supposed to work together, but they hate each other.  Can they find a way to work together before they both get fired?

Beautiful Boys is set up very strangely.  It’s divided into chapters like a novella, but it’s really a series of interconnected short stories.  All the stories are quick and spicy, with fun characters and some unrealistic but enjoyable scenarios.  I especially liked the unlucky Jinx and Nathan.  I would have liked to read more about Dean and Nico, because while Dean was developed Nico appeared out of nowhere.  My least favorite of the stories was that of Andy and Luke, whose bickering began to irritate me, but fans of love-hate relationships would no doubt love their story.  Overall, Beautiful Boys is a quick read that, while lacking in depth, is full of fun and sexy stories.


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