Bad to the Bone by Mildred Riley
Kimani Press
African American
ISBN: 978-1583143902
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Unaware, reporter Sherissa Holland was put on a deadly hit list after her fiancé’s shady business affair took a nasty turn for the worst.  On the first attempt against her life, the hitman accidentally killed a well-known lightweight boxer and left Sherissa as the only key witness to the hit-and-run crime.

Detective Peter Linwood knew that his interest in protecting witness Sherissa Holland was more of a personal nature than a professional one.  From the moment he met her during the murder investigation, Peter was determined to get to know Sherissa better.  But, the more Peter dug into the hit-and-run case the more it became apparent that Sherissa was the real target.  Will Peter be able to solve the case and keep Sherissa out of harm’s way before the hired gun succeeds in completing his mission to execute her?

Bad to the Bone left mixed feelings within, mostly because the romantic feature shared between Peter and Sherissa played second fiddle to the suspenseful side of the story.  I was half way through the storyline before the couple even shared a kiss.  The genre of this book really should be categorized as a suspense novel instead of a romance one.  Excluding my high expectations for a super hot romance affair between the hero and heroine, Bad to the Bone was a spectacular novel.  The thrilling suspense kept me hanging on the edge of my seat eager to discover just how everything would unfold. 


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