Babies in the Bargain by Mona Risk

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Nannette



Dr. Holly Collier and anesthesiologist Dr. Marc Suarez had a very brief affair seven years ago that left Holly bitter and with a broken heart. Things have been tense since Marc began working at Washington Childrenís Hospital alongside of Holly.  When Marc becomes responsible for his brotherís newborn, things change. Marc needs Hollyís help and her willing, but what happens when Marc wants more than a nanny for his new baby?

 Babies in the Bargain is an old fashioned, tender romance. Marc is charming. His smile and passionate nature would be hard to resist. Holly is a loving compassionate doctor and woman. Her loving care of the babies and her willingness to help Marc regardless of her feelings for him is endearing. Romance blooms amidst tragedy in Babies in the Bargain. It tugs heart strings and stirs emotions.


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