Auctioning Charity by Reese Gabriel

Elloraís Cave

Erotic BDSM

ISBN:  9781419922329

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Charity Bradford is livid.  How dare her boss make her participate in his auction? Itís bad enough that Charity has had to fight to be recognized as an intelligent woman in a manís world of business, but to be put on display takes the cake. She determinedly goes to Rogerís office specifically to tell him she refuses to participate in his event.  Her determination falls by the wayside when Charity finds herself responding to Rogerís orders. 

Roger has done nothing but imagine Charity the way he wants her tied, teased, and at his mercy.  A Dom, Roger knows that all Charity needs is a man who can read exactly what she wants.  What he is reading from Charity is that she needs someone to take away her control and he is THE man for the job.

Reese Gabriel never fails to deliver an erotic and totally fascinating novel.  Auctioning Charity, like most of his books, features his trademark BDSM theme with passionate and emotional results.  Roger and Charityís sexual chemistry is more than apparent with each scene.  Scorching hot dominance in the bedroom and blazing undertones abound in this achingly beautiful novel. Auctioning Charity is sexy, explosive, and just plain excellent!


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