Arresting by Cynthia Rayne

e-Red Sage Publishing


ISBN: 9781603103183

Reviewed by Jo



Mark Truman is an FBI Agent with a problem, a really sexy one.  Mark is on a stake out and strangely, he finds himself distracted by the sexy, gorgeous hooker on the corner beside him.  Trying to keep his eye on the suspect's place is getting harder and harder when she decides to strike up a conversation, among other things.  Jasmine Winslow might look like a sexy hooker but she is actually a D.C. Police Detective, and right now her mission is to keep Mark occupied with her and not on what the D.C. cops are doing with their mutual suspect.  The situation gets out of control for both Mark and Jasmine with the instant sexual attraction they feel for each other.  Combine that with a suspect both the local and federal cops want, and one who has nothing to lose, and you have one erotic kiss and chase.

Arresting shows that a lot can happen during a stakeout and subsequent apprehension.  Mark is usually by the book, but one look at Jasmine has clouded his mind. Jasmine has let this assignment get personal in more ways than one.  Being in the legal field, I was interested when I read the blurb, however, the story just did not work for me.  The amount of sex overpowered the characters and the plot in my view.  However, if you find the blurb interesting it just might work for you.


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