Alternative Treatment by Claire Thompson

Amber Allure

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-542-3

Reviewed by Cassie



After an arrest for DUI, paramedic Nolan Daniels is sentenced to one hundred hours of community service.  On the first day of his sentence at a nursing home, he meets the director, the sexy Dr. Mark Harrison.  Too bad Dr. Harrison is exactly the type of man Nolan doesn’t like—rich and stuck-up.  Still, he decides to make his time at the nursing home as fun as he possibly can.

Mark Harrison’s life is busy beyond belief with the running of the nursing home, a job he never wanted in the first place.  He’s attracted to Nolan, but determined not to act on it.  A bad boy and temporary employee is the last man he needs, or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself…

Alternative Treatment is the story of two men who have put aside large parts of themselves.  Nolan lives his life on the edge, all short relationships or one night stands and high-adrenaline work.  He doesn’t want to be in a relationship, or take responsibility for his actions.  Mark is just the opposite.  He takes too much on, and worries too much about what others want, to the point that he’s living a life he didn’t choose.  When they meet, sparks fly, but neither of them is sure they want to let it go anywhere.  When they finally get together, the love scenes are hot.  The storyline is full of internal conflict and emotion.  Opposites may attract, but sometimes their road to happiness is rocky.  With personal upheaval and one excruciatingly bad decision on Nolan’s part—one that almost made me mad enough to put the book aside—it takes a lot of work for Mark and Nolan to reach any kind of understanding.  While I think I understand Claire Thompson’s reasons for making Nolan act the way she did, it took me a while to get back into the story.  Fortunately, he redeemed himself enough for me to be pleased at the ending.  If you like flawed heroes and a lot of sometimes negative emotion, Alternative Treatment is a good and memorable read.


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