A Love to Cherish by Beverly Clark
Genesis Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1885478849
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Six years ago Cornell Robertson made a terrible mistake.  Since then, he has gained fame and fortune but it never could redeem what he had done to Tracey Hamilton.  Now, an opportunity has presented itself for Cornell to make things right with Tracey; however, she wants nothing to do with him.  Not about to be deterred by her negative words especially when her eyes refused to confirm what her lips were saying Cornell was determined to re-win Tracey’s heart.

Tracey Hamilton never believed that she would ever see Cornell Robertson again.  Yet, Fate had other ideas because not only did Cornell show up in her small hometown for his pro-football training season, bringing along with him old feelings that should have stayed buried in the past, he also wanted to rekindle their once shared heated love affair.  But how could Tracey rightfully forgive Cornell for the actions of his past when she was hoarding a potential devastating secret from him – that he was the father of her five-year-old twin children.

Beverly Clark’s A Love to Cherish was a heartfelt story about betrayal and forgiveness.  While a plot that might seen like a familiar storyline in general, A Love to Cherish had just the right amount of drama to keep me heavily intrigued.  Because of the lasting impression made by his estranged father at a very young age, Cornell vowed to never let a woman stand in the way of his success.  So, when Tracey became an obstacle Cornell quickly pushed her out of his way with some very hurtful, inexcusable words.  After their very painful breakup, Tracey wanted nothing more to do with Cornell; but, once Cornell had Tracey back in his life he wasn’t about to give up on a second chance at recapturing her sweet love and affection. The passion showcased between Cornell and Tracey was very strong and undeniable. There were some sexual occurrences throughout the book, but they were told in a vanilla, gently described fashion with just enough heat to make things fascinating.  I found A Love to Cherish to be an earnest, touching, enjoyable read.


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