A Knight to Remember by Mimi Riser

My Knightly Adventures Series, Book One

Amber Heat

Erotic Paranormal Fantasy, Time-Travel

ISBN: 978-1-60272-334-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



One moment Dorothy “Dee” Day is complaining about her lot in life and wishing she was elsewhere.  Suddenly, she’s someplace far away and over the rainbow.  Sir Wolfred of Camelot is a true knight in every since; he’s also shocked to find a strangely dressed woman who is more than willing to him the way he is. His strong sense of duty is put to the test by his eager, frisky new lady love.   Bound by the codes of chivalry and honor, Wolfred refuses to endanger Dee.  What he quickly learns is that Dee is a modern day woman and more than capable of saving the day if needed.

Throw in biker leather with a little BDSM, paranormal kink, and a smattering of hot guy-on-guy action, in a place that resembles the red-light version of a classic B-movies horror fantasy set mixed in with a few golden-age screen tidbits, and you just might get an idea of what  A Knight to Remember is like—or not.  Without giving away more (and trust me when I say I tried to tease while dancing around naming names), I must insist that you read Mimi Riser’s insanely candid, wildly funny tale that’s narrated by a woman who remains nameless throughout the first installment.  This doesn’t make her first-person observations less raunchy or risqué. Ms. Riser has patented her own brand of humor in her writing.  

The hero is that perfect blend of tragic, noble, and unbridled sex; a contrast to wacky villains and the hottest oddities this side of fantasy.  Lastly, the plot didn’t generate much heft, but I’m the first to admit it wasn’t needed.  The fabric of A Knight to Remember is all in the telling, and the “Lights! Camera! Action!”  If it’s covered in glitter, rhinestones, and studs (with a few mysterious kitsch stains here and there) then so much the better.


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