Witness by Mike Shade

Torquere Press

Contemporary Mystery, BDSM m/m

ISBN: 978-1-60370-347-5

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Zeke is the police detective working a brutal killing when he discovers he has met the “star” witness to the murder years earlier.  Gary, the witness, is covered in blood and talking like a lunatic about the killer hugging him and wanting Gary to watch.  Making things even more complicated and hard to unravel for Zeke, is Gary’s drug addiction.  To solve the case, Zeke has to learn what’s real and what’s not.  Taking it one step further with a little bizarreness, Gary is a highly successful writer of horror novels.  In the middle of all this, Zeke and Gary are pulled into a hot and fiery relationship.

Gary has a number of issues that Zeke has to overcome.  I can’t explain what Zeke actually saw in Gary with his myriad of issues and weaknesses.  At first, Gary was just a little too weak for me, but the guy has had some major crisis in his life to try and overcome.  Zeke is a great “take-charge” but sensitive lover and the perfect dominant for Gary.  Overall, Witness has a good crime story and plenty of hot sex.


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