Within Reach by Mima

A Bonded Fantasy, Book 4

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-442-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Ruse spotted the child, Eledi, quietly crouched against the wall across the market place from where he stood.  As a Trux warrior and a Sandcat the humans relied on him for his skills but otherwise avoided or feared him but Eledi did not.

A childhood lived in luxury but these days Amaya, along with her daughter Eledi share rooms with another woman.  Amaya makes her living by servicing men, humans and Trux alike.  Choices made when womanhood began have brought Amaya to this point along with the responsibility of the child she loves.

When Ruse brings Eledi home and sees Amaya he knows that she is the woman he is meant to share his spirit and his Sandcat with.  Amaya will take a great deal of convincing that they are meant to be together.  Before the two come to an understanding though, disaster strikes. It will take everything Ruse and Amaya have inside them to overcome it.  Amaya will need to set aside all her prejudices and inner conflicts, while later Ruse will need to do the same.  If they are ever to have a chance as a family they will need to bare their souls.

A deep and pure love of partner and family gives Within Reach a wonderfully unique perspective in this romantic story.  Ruse is almost too good to be true while Amaya is filled with guilt and conflict.  The child, Eledi is the catalyst with her well being driving the adults and their love cementing the bond.  Within Reach has a slow pace but packs an emotional wallop!


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