Winds of Change by Lee Rowan

Linden Bay Romance

M/M, Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60202-037-5, 978-1-60202-036-8

Reviewed by Raine



Will Marshall and Davy Archer serve aboard a ship in His Majesty's Navy. Will and Davy have been lovers for quite some time and so far they have been lucky to remain together during their ship re-assignments.  Word has just come down that they are being transferred yet again under their current captain to help find a saboteur aboard another vessel. Will and Davy have managed to stay above suspicion into their personal lives and appear as good friends only. But in taking on this newest mission, their captain asks them to give off the signals that they are perhaps more than just friends, thereby hoping to draw out the scoundrel. Only all does not go as planned when Davy gets shot and is forced to return to land thus separating the men. With Will on the water and Davy on the land only time will tell if they can manage a distant relationship.

I found Winds of Change to have a very in depth storyline. The characters are very detailed in background and personality. There were spots where I had a tough time following the ship jargon, but overall I understood most of it. Will and Davy's tale is full of misadventure and drama mixed with some stolen lover's moments, and yet some tender moments as well. I believe if you like a historical style M/M story Winds of Change may be for you as it has a good plot, storyline and happy ending.


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